Most immigration assistance agencies around the world are packed with aspiring immigrants to the country down under. Australia has become an attractive spot for people who want to pave their careers outside their country. Statistics show that job opportunities for foreign workers are high in Australia and most of these workers achieve their permanent resident status in a span of 5 – 8 years. If you want expert advice for Skilled Migrant Visa you can contact Migration  Australia. If you are planning to find a career in Australia, then keep your attention focused on these jobs guaranteed to land you an opportunity as a new migrant worker.

Metal Artists

Construction has been booming in Australia with the real estate industry contributing a huge percentage of earnings causing the country’s per capita income to be among the strongest compared to its other first world counterparts. What this translates to migrant workers is more jobs are made available. Metal artists in manipulating steel for building foundations, setting up doors, and shaping window frames are in high demand in Australia.

Medical Professionals

Like any other first world nation, Australia has a shortage of healthcare workers mostly nurses and medical technologies. Not a lot of local Australian citizens would opt to study nursing so the demand cannot be filled from within. Australia’s growing population also increases the demand for healthcare services and more healthcare workers to deliver them. To maintain the high quality of health care services promised to its citizens, doors have opened for foreign workers to land a job in Australia’s elaborate health care delivery system.

Information Technology Experts

The field of information technology has continued to rise globally with key players in the West and Asia. The leading brands such as Samsung and Sony are based in Korea and Japan respectively while the western powerhouse Apple is based in the United States. Australia is yet to make a mark in this field, and they do not intend to wait any longer, thus opening opportunities for IT professionals to propel their information technology industry to greater heights.

There are many other job opportunities in Australia that you can take advantage of as a skilled migrant. You have to make sure though that you can communicate in their language well and that your skills and experience match the qualifications of the job opening you were applying for. Landing a job in Australia can also be challenging as it is in any other parts of the world.